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Desa Hospitality

Desas Hospitality ministries are those that care for the needs of the worldwide church. We have many different options for people, such as arranging online prayer groups, creating newsletters, and assisting in online administrations. These are the most popular ministries in which people get involved in our online ministry.

Desa Teaching Ministries

Desa Preaching and teaching ministries are examples of teaching ministries. Pastors, Sunday school instructors, and religious education directors are among them. Teaching ministries include youth groups and Bible studies. Teaching ministers are directly accountable for the faith formation of congregants, families, and communities within the church and worldwide mission.

Desa Outreach Ministries

Desa Outreach ministries serves a local community! Therefore, if you want to phsyically get connected with outreach in our neighborhood, lets get connected so that we can connect you into the right ministry.

Desa Music Ministries

Music ministries are extremely important in today's environment. Desa Ministries is continuously on the lookout for Gospel-centered music ministers. True Gospel-centered worship is difficult to locate or see in a society who focuses on health, wealth, and happiness. These are the people who utilize music to worship and teach. They include singing and choruses, praise groups, and weekly piano or organ playing, special programs for churches, such as Christmas pageants, are also organized by music ministries. The majority of these ministry options are voluntary roles that simply demand a passion for Jesus Christ and, of course, a love of music.

Desa Counseling Ministries

Counseling ministries tend to a person's emotional or mental health and spirituality. This category includes therapists, counselors, and spiritual directors. Many counseling ministry positions need more education or training. They might range from mentors to certified therapists conducting counseling sessions.  But, if you have a talent for ministry and counseling, please contact us so that we may add you to our roster of volunteers. It is a privilege to have you on our side since you are able to help others in need.

Get in touch by sending us an email! Even if it is a line of encouragement, we are here!

We would be grateful for any help you can provide Desa Ministries in the form of service or volunteer work. To find out what we need and how you can help preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please get in touch with us.


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