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Ways to Serve

Ways to Serve

Our God created the Church to glorify Him and go to all nations and share the Gospel with a world in need. However, finding your place in His great plan isn’t always easy, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.
At Desa Ministries, we understand your uniqueness and the plethora of talents one can add to the mission field
Please Reach out to us to help you explore your passions and find opportunities where you can thrive? Once we can get started, Desa Ministries offers tools and personal guidance to raise support. We work with your Church, so they know your needs as a Christian missionary.
We guide you through the ins and outs of moving yourself, or an entire family, abroad. And throughout your missionary career, we offer continued training, coaching, financial guidance, medical support, and much more.

We know that Desa Ministries is not created for everyone, but if you believe that you were created to serve and be an active participant within the Church, please reach out; we are looking for missionaries like you!
Church planting
Teaching & Education
Unreached People Group
Entrepreneurial & Business
Community Development

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